Human Resource Services

Human Resources encompasses more than just hiring and handling internal communications between leadership and staff. Human Resources consulting takes your team building to new heights by setting employment expectations, evaluating team member satisfaction, improving employee retention, and 3rd party mediation for sensitive complications.

BNX has over 25 years of human resource experience with small and large companies that need help with their company culture and team building. The first step in building a great team, and keeping them, is your human resource program. BNX is here to help you.

Our Human Resources Process

Step 1: Evaluate. Our team provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current company culture and integrates leadership and employee feedback in our comprehensive analysis.
Step 2: Analysis and Planning. BNX analyzes the data we compile and creates a plan of action items and steps to take to improve or reconstruct the work environment, as well as handle any unresolved issues or complaints.
Step 3: Implement. BNX will provide a step-by-step implementation plan to get your entire organization on the path to success and genuine collaboration between team members using a proven system.

Statistics on Company Culture

Why Human Resources is Important

Company culture plays a major role in talent retention as nearly 71% of talent will leave a job if the company’s work culture took a turn for the worse. If you have high talent turnover, trouble finding applicants, or are having trouble building a team you can count on, BNX can help. Contact us for a consultation on how our Human Resources development can help you build the team of your dreams!